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Tackling Pollution: China Set to Replace 70,000 Taxis with Electric Vehicles

The world’s most polluted city takes action by introducing all-electric transport.

 China taxi 2

China’s capital of Beijing launches a new initiative to replace 70,000 fossil-fuelled taxis with greener electric vehicles (EVs). The legislation is expected to be implemented later this year, and it shows an impressive step in the right direction to help tackle pollution levels. A report from National Business Daily stated that  “All newly added or replaced taxis in the city of Beijing will be converted from gasoline to electricity, according to a draft work program on air pollution control for Beijing, Tianjin, Hebei, and surrounding areas in 2017”.

China taxi 1

With the replacement electric vehicles currently costing around double the amount of traditional taxis, and an increased demand for charging points throughout the city, the launch is expected to cost approximately $1.3 billion US dollars. But the cost will prove to be worth it. Lower levels of air pollution will help the planet to recover from harmful emissions, and the cost of running EVs is significantly lower than traditional vehicles.

The Chinese government has also recently relaxed restrictions in car manufacturing, allowing for more electric vehicles to be produced. With over 600,000 electric vehicles on China’s streets, and a further 70,000 soon to be added, the nation is taking serious steps to improve its emissions and work towards a greener planet.


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