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Earth Hour 10th Anniversary Saw Major Landmarks In Darkness


WWF’s Earth Hour drew attention to climate change across the globe.


WWF’s Earth Hour campaign has celebrated its 10th anniversary this week, and dedication to the cause was shown as landmarks from around the world spent an hour in darkness. At 8.30pm local time on 25th March 2017, more than 3,000 landmarks in around 170 countries turned off their non-essential lights for 60 minutes to raise awareness for climate change. Millions of individuals turned off their own lights and changed their profile pictures on social media to demonstrate their personal commitment to acknowledging climate change, and to take steps to help protect our planet.

Check out some of world’s most famous landmarks ditching the lights below. A montage of Earth Hour around the globe can also be seen here.


Tower Bridge, London. Credit: BBC News


The Eiffel Tower, Paris. Credit: BBC News.


The Acropolis, Athens. Credit: BBC News.


The Kremlin, Moscow. Credit: BBC News.

“Each light turned off or profile picture changed represents an individual who has made the switch from being a passive bystander to someone eager to be a part of the solution” – Sid Das, Executive Director, Earth Hour Global.

Over its decade long run, WWF states that Earth Hour has had a significant impact in helping us to address climate change. More homes are now being powered with solar or other renewable energy. With so many countries and individuals backing the movement, the Earth Hour project also advocates the need for change, funds projects, and pushes for new laws and legislation to be introduced.



You can read more about Earth Hour’s impact here. If you missed out on your chance to take part, you can find out more about battling climate change, watch the highlights of Earth Hour 2017, and register for next year’s hour of darkness on WWF’s website.




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